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Hakkında: Product Introduction
SC1000 flat laser cutter software is a flat fiber laser cutting CNC system software which includes graphic drawing and editing, cutting process dealing, cutting process controlling, system monitoring, components monitoring and debugging, and so on. MCC3721H is the motion control board that working with SC1000 cutting software.
Product parameters
Product feature and application
1) Operations are simple but functions are powerful.
◆ Developed based on RIBBON framework, software is not only beautiful but also easy to operate.
◆ With powerful CAM functions based on AUTOCAD design, support graphic import, graphic drawing, graphic editing, and graphic transformation, graphic optimized and so on.
2) Complete cutting process, debugging easily
◆ Support all kinds of cutting process: Section drill, gradual drill, 3 stages drill, cutting with film, fix height cutting, and predrill and so on.
◆ Support multilayer cutting or marking, and other sorts of processing ways.
3) Rea-time alarm, stable and reliable.
◆ Support running error measurement, it can check the error between running orbit and graphic error.
Production details / Product qualifications
SC1000 CNC system supports 35mm’s DIN-Rail Mounting, 315mm (length) x 120mm (wide) showed as below:
The UI of SC1000 showed as below:
Delivery, shipping and service
◆ Packing: Standard international carton box packing with dimension in: 46 x 22 x 22.5 cm (1 set) or 45 x 42 x 21.5cm (2 sets).
◆ Presales Service: Inquiry and consulting support. Warming welcome you to come visit our Factory.
◆ Aftersales Service: User’s manual or teaching videos can be offered. Email/WhatsApp/Skype/QQ are available for technical support within 24 hours. Free training in our factory. Remote assistance by QQ or TeamViewer if necessary.
Latest news
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