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Hakkında: Xiamen For U Import & Export Co.,ltd is a corporation combined with quarry , factory and trade company.Ever since its foundation in 1990 and now become one of the leading experienced quarries owner and natural stone manufacturer and export in China. Export transaction started in 2006,owner over 400 customers from all over the world by now. we have been specilizing in quarrying ,manufacturing &globally exporting high quality products including Granite, Marble,Onyx, Quartz, Artificial marble,Basalt,Travertine, Limestone,Blue Stone, Slate,Sandstone,Composite tiles etc.
Our company is mainly engaged in the Saint Laurrent Brown margin , the main year keeps the stock over 30,000 square meters, meanwhile For U Stone predecessors were the first ones who started stone mining at local. To search the stable and high quality stone materials and to reduce inter mediate links, we keep sourcing quarries from Guizhou province and Fujian province. We mine and several quarries, White Wooden Marble ,Euro Emperador and G439 Granite.

Quarry Quality Control
We have extablished our professional QC with loyal,experienced and serious inspectors ,block step is the key step,we always do our best to select blocks from the same quarry to produce for the same project. Experienced QC strictly inspects piece by piece and good packing, Professional responsible for on-site supervision of container loading, to assure you of best quality and safety of goods. For these,we have developed as one of the most respected stone suppliers with longstanding reputation.
Advanced Equipment & Material
“A craftman must sharpen his tools first if he is to do his work well”. We have equipped with plenty of advanced machines, including 10sets of high pressure water jet cutting machines, 20 sets of CNC carving machines , 15 infrared bridge cutting machines, 10 sets granite multi blade block cutter, two auto polishing machines, full set of composite board production line, 10 computerized profile shaping machines, several extra-wide calibrating machines ect. With the help of high standard and efficiency production and management, we achieve automation & diversified production, scientific management, and market internalization. We are one of the most competitive professional stone manufacture.

Machinery (No of Units) QTY
* Block cutter 1
- Gang Saw 8
- Circular Blade Saw 8
- Wire Saw 1
* Italy Polish machine 3
* Bridge cutters with Infra Red 10
*360 degree Bridge cutting with infra red For counter top projects 1
* Flame machine 2
* Bush Hammer machine 1
* Waterjet cutting machine 10
* Engraving machine 2
* Calibrating machine 3
* Splitting machine 14
* Automatic Moulding Polishing machine 10
Products & Project 
With whole production line, we can supply you quartz slabs and quartz countertops; marble slabs, marble tiles, marble countertops, marble columns, marble stairs, marble mosaics, marble patterns; granite slabs, granite tiles, granite countertops, granite columns, granite stairs, granite pavers , granite tombstones ,limestone, limestone column ,limestone wall cladding tile, travertine slabs, travertine cut to size ,onyx slabs, composite panel (including honeycomb backing , glass backing ,porcelain backing etc ) and special shaped products for building projects, especially for hotel, commercial and residential applications.
Our production including: block cutting, slab polishing,cut to size,edge polishing,main slab polishing, hole cut out, hole edge polishing, fished product, wooden packing.
Ø Selected Materials - According to clients’ samples or supplied photos, we will send professional worker to choose blocks and find blocks to meet client’s requests of color and pattern.
Ø Blocks Saw cut - Blocks cut to rough slabs in needed thickness (commonly in the thickness of 10mm, 16mm, 20mm or 30mm) or cut to small blocks by Gang Saw Machines.
Ø Polishing - It will make thickness, flatness and polish lightness of the slabs to reach quality requests. Through polishing, stones will show its color, pattern and gloss.
Ø Cut-to-size - By infrared cutting machine, slabs are cut to required size.
Ø Extra Processing - Beside above processing steps, some products need extra processing, such as polished edges, beveled edges and drilled holes etc
We have been devoting to creative efforts and keeping on the improvements. Base on the high quality, we expand our products category and cut down the cost , we try our best to guarantee any exact customer requirement. we believe that with our experienced working team and professional management ,you would find us to a reliable business partner.
Ingratitude everyone in our Xiamen For U Import and Export., Co.,ltd team thank you For U long time support and our team will do our best service For U.
We sincerely look forward to starting our cooperation ad creating our bring future!cheap vanity tops
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